Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pushing Out Air

If you fall you are done.
Keep him yards from you
that's what you have to do
You are bare, you are scared
crying - tears caressing your high cheek bones
your hair filled with leaves and dirt
open sores on your feet, bleeding
leaving traces for those that hunt you
his gun is ready to fire to take you down
make you his meal, fill his stomach
fill his guilt.
You are his prize
your lungs pushing out air,
take it all back in and
out again
his torch is bright
he's right behind
the river is close
runs towards it, the ice covered body of water
slipping skating, falling crawling
making your great escape
away from him
never going back
he harmed you - warned you
froze you- burned you
made you feel less
like a melting drop of snow
from the branches of birch trees
the trees so welcoming in spring
now dead in the heart of winter
the trees, who's gnarled roots
catch you underfoot
you are crawling
you are surviving
then you see it
a pair of steel toed boots
not that far from you
the figure is dark and looming
the moonlight barely
showing his figure
barely lifeless on the inside
knowing its the end
he's here
you are done.
He picks you up and takes you to the trail where he has parked his truck
the headlights still on - barely shown in the midst of this blizzard
he lays you across the the seat and gives you a blanket
starts the truck and goes
and turn up the radio
and drives
you stir and look back
to see your hunter
load his gun and take a shot -
it hits the window
leaving a hole
and you realize you are safe
with the man who calls himself Rick
and you feel blessed
to meet an angel
who has saved you
from an icy hell.
and you are still
Pushing out air.

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